CCW in Ohio is working

11 11 2011

CCW in Ohio is working, just ask this woman.

This on the same day that I saw Ohio now has North of a quarter million CCW holders in the state. Based on the last census, that’s about 1 in 50 residents.

I find interesting that those of us in the firearms community are comforted with this number. We know it makes us all – even those without a permit, and even those that oppose such permits – safer.

But only for now.

Read that story again. Notice that the perp. was unarmed.

Now how long do you think he’ll spend in jail? 6 months? 6 years? It won’t be a lifetime, and thanks to our current jail system and lack of funding I bet it will be significantly less than his original sentence for this crime.

Now once he’s out, statistically what are the chances that he’ll commit another similar crime?

And what do you think the chances are that next time he’ll arm himself before attacking his next victim?

CCW is great – don’t get me wrong. It helps level the playing field against criminals, I am a proponent of all capable and willing citizens obtaining the training and ultimately a permit, and I am a permit holder myself.

But just like we can’t live in a society where we let our criminals have the upper hand, we likewise should not live in a society that enables this sort of repeat behavior. Stiffer sentences, more jails so we can fulfill the sentences in entirety, better rehab – pick your poison, I think any of them would help. This guy’s lucky to be alive, but it’s too bad that we all get to provide him with shelter and food for 6 months to a year just to have him turned loose once more.


1 – It’s been forever, but I haven’t forgotten you my fledgling little firearms blog. A new ride (2011 Mustang GT) and being busy at work (anyone know a good temp. AB PLC guy near Akron?) have conspired against me shooting or even logging in. That will change – right now!

2 – Kahr CM9 acquired last night. Todd Bedocs of BMT Firearms in Seville, OH runs an excellent little business out of a new storefront near the center of town. If you’re in the area, I suggest you stop by and check out the best selection of firearms in Medina County.

3 – The .308 match ammunition shoot-off has begun. So far, the 147 gr. Hornady A-Max are in the lead, with two very tight <1" groups at 100 yards. Match ammo is worth it – now to determine which match ammo is *most* worth it! Details and a full write-up to come…

4 – Last, but certainly not least – happy Veteran's Day. Thank you to all of the soldiers that have served or are serving, and their friends, family, and loved ones, for all that you do for us. We appreciate living in the freest nation in the world, and it wouldn't be that way without you. Thank you.




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