10 01 2012

= 1/8

Some people lit candles to remember.

Some people lit candles as a fund raiser.

Some people lit candles in front of firearms.

I disagree with the later two, and hope those in the first category find some peace and closure.

For those that look for spilled blood to dance in and rage war against the tool in the criminal’s hand, you are the lowest of the low.  Not only do you consistently fight against our country’s constitution, but you attempt to use tragedies to fuel the fire.  Shame on all of you!

For those that met fire with fire by lighting candles in front of firearms, shame on you too!  While some of the original candles were held with donation cups under them – NOT ALL WERE.  People died at the hands of a mad man.  We need to respect that, and we as a gun community need to rise above the tactics used by our opponents.  They picked a fight, you threw a punch – but you should have walked away out of respect.  You’re smarter than that.  Take the higher road.




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