CM9 to G26 Conversion

18 11 2012

OK, so it’s not so much a “conversion” as it is a trade-up.  What happened?

It all goes back to what Nutnfancy calls POU – Philosophy Of Use.  I purchased this Kahr CM9 for the express purpose of concealed carry.  I wanted something a little larger with a little more firepower than my Taurus TCP pocket pistol, preferably single-stack, 9mm or larger.

When it comes to any of my tools – and I use that term broadly to include power tools, firearms, automobiles, etc. – I value reliability above almost all else.  That is especially true for any firearm I purchase with the express intent to use for defense should the need arise.

With all that in mind, I could not get the Kahr to behave.  The teething problems I mentioned in my first post on the firearm just never went away.  Having come from a history of owning and loving a Glock 17 that readily eats any ammunition you throw at it without complaint, the Kahr was a disappointment.  I tried numerous types of defense ammunition, and while I found the Hornady Critical Defense to be the best behaving it would still result in an occasional slide lock in the middle of a magazine.  And yes, I even tried tapping my magazines down before inserting them – still no luck.  Finally I tried to burn through some more ammunition for “break in”, thinking that maybe I hadn’t given the firearm a long enough break in period.  This resulted in more bad experiences – failure to feeds, failure to ejects, and quite a few more slide locks.

Looking around online I found only a few mentions of this problem, but according to those forum posts and my observations the problem with the slide lock catching the tip of a bullet before the magazine was empty was an inherent problem with the design.

So I traded it in for a Glock 26.

I will admit that I did not give Kahr a chance to fix the firearm.  Why?  Confidence.  What level of trust would YOU have in such a problematic firearm that got fixed by the factory?  How many flawless rounds would it take to convince you it was a firearm worthy of your confidence?  The G26 is basically identical to my G17 which I love, can use all of my G17 magazines, and thus far has proven to be excellent.  Granted it is a little thicker than I had originally hoped for, but at least I have confidence in the firearm I have on me.




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